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        ABOUT ATS

        Professional optical materials manufacturing enterprise

        Taizhou ATS Optical Materials Co., Ltd, established in 1986, has now developed into a producing, marketing and service integrated enterprise of optical materials; Qualified the world certificates such as SGS and ISO9001:2015,as well as domestic authoritative organizations; Our main products are: optical coating materials, infrared laser materials, which have widely been sold to over 19 countries and districts.

        For the corporate vision of “to be a world-class brand of optical material supplier”, ATS keeps efforts on learning, developing and innovating.

        • Our Factory
        • Our Team
        Strong teamwork of professional R&D, producing, warehousing, sales and service;Assured quality, timely delivery

        Recommended Products

        High-quality products and advanced production technology

        • ZnS
        • Ti3O5
        • SiO
        • SiO2
        • ZrO2
        • ZnSe
        • Coating Material Mixture
        • Hot Coating Material
        • +More

        WHY CHOOSE US?

        Your assured supplier, serve every customer heart and soul

        ATS values customers’ demands and feedbacks, committed to building sales and service system based on customer satisfaction.


        Quality first, integrity-based, build brand

        News Center

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